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It turns out this third bird was hatched and fledged at Duke Farms, banded on May 12, 2014 a female. 2/17/18 Second egg laid at pm February 16, 2018 When will the pair lay their second egg?In 2015 & 2016 the pair laid their eggs each three days apart.This release introduces a host of new 3D capabilities and enhanced performance in the areas of circuit, electromagnetic (EM), and electro-thermal simulation, all packed into a single simulation platform.

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In fact, in 2016 the first egg was laid at 2/18/16 ~ and the second was laid 2/21/16 at ~ so almost exactly three days apart.

If they follow their past behavior the second egg should be laid tomorrow afternoon.

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Bald Eagles are extremely sensitive to human disturbance. People who want to observe or photograph eagles and who come too close may actually cause the birds to abandon a nest.

3/22/18 Cam viewers are anxiously waiting for the first pip to appear (the first hole the chick makes in the egg when hatching).