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But second-eye surgery should be avoided until dissatisfaction with the first IOL is addressed.Also, caution is recommended when it comes to mixing IOL technologies.Proper patient selection and education is the most important factor leading to eventual success, and patients identified as potentially prone to finding negative aspects of their vision quality after surgery should be excluded.

This enables distance-dominant vision with a near add of 3.5 D in the plane of the IOL.

(A usual spectacle add is 2 to 2.5 D, but when the lens is placed closer to the retina as an IOL, it must be more powerful.) In comparison with the 4 D of near add that the Re Stor IOL provides, the Re Zoom IOL offers a 3.5 D near add that results in a slightly longer working distance for reading vision.

The Re Zoom IOL also attempts to reduce edge-related halos and glare, two of the more common complications of the earlier Array multifocal IOL, by using a triple-edge design.

The anterior edge is rounded to reduce internal reflections, the side edge slopes to cut down on edge glare and the posterior edge is squared off to facilitate contact with the posterior capsule. The Re Zoom is a foldable IOL designed for capsular bag placement following standard phacoemulsification cataract surgery, using a 3.2-mm posterior limbal incision centered on the axis of plus cylinder.

The diffractive portion of the optic consists of 12 concentric rings on the anterior surface of the optic, and it is located within the central circle, which is 3.6 mm in diameter and is designed to provide distance and near vision in moderate to bright light.

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