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[Laughs]AE: Imogen likes to create some drama sometimes. CP: In the beginning, I was getting into Clare and Eli’s thing, which is a huge thing with the fans and I got into the middle of that but as an actor it was so much fun to play. At first, I was so nervous about it but now I love the little pig tails and the glasses and I love the whole wardrobe. AE: So do you not get recognized because I’m guessing that’s not how you dress in real life, right?

I got to start a little drama and be a little sneaky, which was great, but the fans didn’t like that so much. She’s not as much of a drama starter now but is just a part of the whole scene. CP: [Laughs] It’s funny, sometimes I walk through set as myself and the crew doesn’t recognize me so I go “Hey, It’s me! ” On the street, I don’t get recognized as much as the other actors. They’re in a band together but I’d love to see more of that friendship.

After went right to the source and grabbed some time with the delightfully bubbly Prosperi about all things Imogen and Fimogen. First, when you first got the role, did you know that this bisexual storyline was going to be a part of her character?

Cristine Prosperi: No, that was news to me but I think every storyline on is news to the actor and we find out as the seasons go on but I didn’t know in the beginning.

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