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I will screen all inquiries, respond to questions, and provide guidance as to price/viewing/shipping/payment as required. Please advise when your item is sold to enable ad removal, and refer to other sites if your item is not directly related to Vincent motorcycles. If you wish to donate, we will accept Vin parts or money if you use the site and are successful in selling your parts or Vincent. (please see Donated Commission Policy at end of this page.) 1950 Vincent Black Shadow. Alton 12v alternator conversion, rebuilt speedometer, several spare parts.

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NOAA predicts where an ash plume will go and how much ash will accumulate using USGS’s ​Ash3d Volcanic Ash Dispersion Model​.

Volcanic Ash Advisories​ and ​Aviation Warnings Volcanic ash clouds can threaten air traffic by sandblasting windscreens, clogging pitot tubes, and in severe cases, causing jet engines to shut down.

Kamali‘i Road is closed between Highway 130 and Highway 137. The two primary lava flows originate from the Fissure 20-22 area, and crossed Pohoiki Road over the past day. Temperature in the thermal image is displayed as gray-scale values, with the brightest pixels indicating the hottest areas.