Arianne dating sim walkthrough

This game was posted here on FP a while back, but has been updated with more options and pictures lately. There's a hell of a lot of image loading to do so it's less stressful just to have it running on your hard drive.

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You can now make her jump into the hot tub with her clothes on, forcing her to wear a towel (dance to jazz and it will come off), or you could go to the sofa, have one glass of wine, then work your way down until you get to have sex, or maybe you could have a game of truth or dare in the hot-tub which will result in sex if you answer and ask the right questions.

And you can make her have a shower if you click on the bathroom after she's jumped into the hot tub fully clothed, follow her in, and see her naked.

These are just the choices I remember.[QUOTE=Generic Monk;15181212]I was thinking about posting a thread about this.

Most epic playthrough is when you get her to masturbate in front of a crowd, have sex with you in the hot tub and then have sex with you twice in the bed. Perfect introduction that sets you up for anything is : Book Shirt Cheek 18 Music Jazz Kiss on lips Change music Soft rock Lips Necking Park Swing next to her.

It's also a bit NSFW: I managed to get a 7 out of 10.