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Join now and discover the possibilities of Twinity's virtual universe. Some sites offer general apps where you need to enter the site's address. Our apps are made individually for each client, have the website's logo, title, contents.This can be a bit tricky because you can not test it on ONE computer (these features are never used on the same computer actually), you need to log in as, for example, Lily 1234567 and your friend needs to log in as John 123567 and one of you should press the link Video Chat or Phone in the profile of the other person. You can use it as long as you want and you can have as many members on your website as you wish. But usually when the websites grow and have a lot of members, the owners prefer to move the website to a faster and bigger server. But to notice that your website is slow you need to have a lot members, maybe 100,000 or more.

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You get unlimited space for your Chameleon based website, one email address (like [email protected]), an FTP account to transfer files to and from the server, one My SQL database to store your members. In this case your website will have a nice green shield in front of your domain name, just like on this very website. After that we will send you the nameservers to which you will need to point your new domain name, that is, you will need to point it to our hosting. To change your hosting to another one you will need to point your domain's nameservers to another hosting the same way.

Chameleon Script is the engine of the website, it is the brain of the system.

This is the place to specify who you want to meet and who you don’t.

We understand the diversity of Europe and know you may be looking for something specific within the many countries and cultures found here.

It does not have any templates so you need to have a template to be able to see it.

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