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Where his attitude differs from mine is how he assesses the possibility of real fundamental change.

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P., undoubtedly used them too to get through the immediate tough times, outbursts in the hospital, irrational threats and impulsive self-destructive behavior.

Kreisman pretty much stops there, and doesn't seem to holdout much hope for a borderline being able to do much more than control the impact and behaviors of a pathological mindset.

If our community valued sensitivity, and understood our responses to pain, we could enjoy life; we'd want to be present for it." —Mary Hofert Flaherty "Depersonalization is basically a defense mechanism, usually after some kind of trauma, but when you get chronic depersonalization — like I did — you get caught in that state for months.

It's a sensitive brain combined with either trauma or invalidation.

The best way to describe it would be like this: When you're really high on marijuana, and your hands don't feel like they're yours, or you'll say something and you're like, Did I just say that?