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I like the intensity to be about the work and everything else just be relaxed, calm, and quiet.

Maybe it's the films I grew up on or playing football in Texas, which is this macho and intense culture, but I've never had a hard time flipping the switch when I'm at work. I really don't like [that intensity] in my personal life. Glamour: Out of the three characters you're best known for: 's Ryan Atwood, who are you most like?

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"You have to talk about it before you enter the apartment. "I may have managed a makeout session or two, but I certainly don't remember being able to seal the deal.

Any woman worth her salt has to draw a line at some point. But I would be fascinated to get the polling on that.". Listen to a different perspective and you almost always modify your position and realize you're probably too dogmatic, too competitive, too jealous, too frustrated.

The couple wed in 2011 and had one son, Julius, in October 2013.

Unfortunately, the pair split in 2015 after Chick filed for divorce.

Fast-forward almost three years later to when we met up for coffee at the Inter Continental Hotel in Century City last week and Ben was still the same. I see her and her husband, Peter, and their little one, Micah, a bit.