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The big screen adapation of the hit HBO series was a runaway box office hit, opening to $57 million on its way to hitting $152.6 million domestically.

Sex made an even stronger showing overseas, grossing $260 million at the international box office for a worldwide total of $412.6 million.

He believes that his professional poker-playing, former wife amassed her collection of Louboutin and YSL pumps in a secret room, which she kept hidden from her then-husband in their $7.5 million Fifth Avenue apartment. Beth has since shared her massive collection of soles with numerous media outlets- including Daniel claims he only found out about the existence of her crazy collection of shoes last summer, and has asked a local court for an accounting of her shoes.

Beth tells the New York Post which exclusively broke the story Saturday, “He is saying he didn’t know the closet in our master bedroom existed.” In an interview with Good Morning America that ran Monday, Shak smiled and reiterated, "How could I possibly hide these things?

Hedge fund manager Daniel Shak, of SHK Asset Management, isn’t hedging his bets when it comes to allegations that his ex-wife hid a costly collection of designer assets in a “secret room,” thereby shielding her from forking over the big bucks in their divorce settlement.