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Windows sets mobile data connections to metered by default, but you’ll have to set Wi-Fi connections — for example, the Wi-Fi network created by a tethered smartphone — to metered on your own. You’ll want to tweak the options below to really restrict data usage.To track the bandwidth you’ve used on a network, right-click or long-press it in the same pane and select Show estimated data usage.Setting a metered connection won’t impact your web browser, Bit Torrent client, or anything else.

RELATED: If you’re tethering or you have a direct mobile data connection and you want to restrict desktop application bandwidth usage, you’ll have to do this in a different way.

We’ve covered ways to restrict bandwidth usage when tethering, including using a compressing proxy like the “Off-Road mode” built into the Opera web browser, downloading Flash content on demand, and even disabling images in your web browser if you’re feeling desperate. Setting a connection as metered helps somewhat, but these options can only help you so much.

Windows is always tracking the amount of data you’re using, so if you enable this you’ll be able to immediately see your past data usage.

You don’t even have to set a connection as metered to get this option.

Windows 8.1 will access Bing search results on metered connections by default, unless you’re roaming.