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Of course you can call for a lineup at any time also.

In the lounge area you can get all sorts of ‘treatment’ like a foot massage, your fingernails clipped, or the always popular inner thigh massage which means oily handjob.

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Some will use minty mouth wash, hot tea or water, ice, or a combination of the above.

It will be a bareback blowjob (if that is what you want) but the sex will be with a condom.

There are generally between 20 and 50 sexy girls working at any time and they will be from all over the globe.

The majority will be Chinese girls or sexy Vietnamese girls, but that is not all.

Granted it is a cubby whole type bed where you are going to be super claustrophobic, but if it helps you save $100 by not having to get a hotel then lots of guys would think its worth it.