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That’s why I’m happy to be single: I don’t want anyone to cramp my style or routine.’Something else that seems to inspire so many forever singles is not having to be financially accountable to a man.‘I have a friend who hides expensive buys from her husband,’ Alexa says.

If I want something — like the £350 shoes I bought recently — I go ahead and get it.’ Like Alexa, Kim Williams thinks she inherited her penchant for flying solo from her mother.

Directed by Jared Cohn, the pic follows an adventurous family that goes looking for an ancient artifact and soon discover a hidden world of great evil. Wilson, who just wrapped on the film , along with William Shatner, Jeri Ryan, and Jason Brooks.

Also the same year there were rumors that he is dating an actress named Hayden Panettire and that she can be called Mark Sanchez girlfriend, but apparently she is dating another man and these rumors are also not true.

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Ringwald will play Kate Wolcott, an eccentric recluse living on a fabled private island. Jared Greenman of Yellow Cote Productions is producing the project with Isen Robbins and Aimee Schoof of Intrinsic Value Films and B. It’s about a motley group of young locals who get caught in a twisted puzzle as they go searching for the buried treasure of local pirate legend Captain Kidd. Ringwald is repped by Sue Leibman/Barking Dog Entertainment and Untitled Entertainment; Aiken by Paradigm and Brillstein Entertainment Partners; Tahan by Paradigm; Calvano by Paradigm and Zero Gravity Management; Brolin by Paradigm and Grandview Entertainment; Corrigan by Innovative.