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I started investigating several systems and quickly became impressed with APEC.

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But even at that, it is a tremendous cost savings for good quality drinking water. Side note: Installing is a walk in the park and quick. I am a client of APEC and own a portable RO system.

I installed a 4-stage reverse osmosis system that I bought from a warehouse superstore. 2 days of research on RO's & companies led me to APEC. Recently one of your employees, Chris, has gone out of his way to help my wife and I.

I'm a 39 yr old male with no plumbing experience and I took my time and had it done in a couple hours. We are on a private, one-party well on the edge of a wetland. We've never been able to drink the water at our home and after 4 years of buying water were getting very tired of trips to the grocery to buy RO water from a machine in 5 gallon containers.

Every part is clearly labeled and the water tester provided was appreciated. A repairman out to fix our washer told us about your product; after researching and reading the reviews we ordered the RO-PERM system. I got the clear cylinder for the filter and higher flow valve and the upgraded fixture. Great sales team who was very helpful in talking through what you may need.

I am very impressed with the system and the quality. " I used the tester that came with the system and tested our home well water which has a whole house filter on it at 340ppm. So happy to not have to buy all our drinking water AND for cooking. I drink large amounts of water (1.5-2.0 gallons a day), as I do a lot of intensive physical exercise.