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Parents are more likely to own a cell phone than non-parents, and more likely to make 5 or more calls per day than non-parents (63% vs. They are more likely to have slept with their phone on or near their bed, and to use the phone for talking for all types of purposes.Texting is less definitive – mostly parents use it for the same reasons and similar frequencies as non-parents.

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Cell phones are now toted by more than four in five American adults (82%).

Cell phone ownership is up from 65% of American adults in November 2004, but has remained steady since 2009.

Just 4% of adults send more than 200 text messages a day or more than 6,000 texts a month.

Younger adults who text report sending more text messages a day than older adults.

Parents are also more likely than those without minor children at home to appreciate the way the phone allows them to check in, plan on the fly and stave off boredom.