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If you can’t purchase a new physical server, you can upgrading an existing server’s physical RAM.The price of memory is going down, so buying more RAM for your servers may be more cost-effective than replacing them outright.

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For example, a traditional server would have to be taken offline for maintenance or upgrades.

With virtualization, all of the server's consolidated workloads can be migrated to a spare server or distributed amongst other servers, and then the original server can be shut down without any disruption to the workloads.

And a high server consolidation ratio can increase your return on investment in virtualization by reducing hardware, energy and floor-space costs.

Let’s take a look at five strategies for increasing your server consolidation ratio: Improving server consolidation with new servers Replacing an older physical server with a new, higher-capacity server is an easy way to increase your VM consolidation ratio.

By quadrupling the memory capacity, you may easily quadruple the number of VMs on that host.