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If I really wanted to look for a real answer, I would Google it. It was the same as with my friends - they saw I was enjoying something and they wanted to enjoy it with me.It just seems weird to me -I've actually taught all the people I've dated how to sew - worked with them on their first costumes. I've done the same thing - tried a new video game or thing because someone I liked a lot was doing it - because it stands to reason that if we have a lot in common maybe I'd like it to.

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I mean, it's not the worst idea, but it seems like it's just making things harder especially when adding in on-line dating and the fact the other person is most likely going to be a considerable distance from you and you may never meet. I'd probably just check out the seeking cosplayers forum here, I've seen a few threads about singles/dating.

Or you could just list it as an interest on a regular dating site.

One was pretty chill about it but eventually had a fall out, and the other we broke up because she told me to give it up..I ditched her to finish my ac3 connor cosplay lol, but yea coplay really does play a part in a relationship one way or another. Anyone who would date someone and THEN try to change them/make them give something up is not worth keeping around.

If you like the person, it's for who they are, not who you want them to be.

We add up distance, ages, and tastes in anime (every 24 hours, roughly) to help you meet other awesome Otaku.