Dating a drug user Amateur swingers chat sites

Daily cocaine use is almost never sustainable Plus above anything else, daily coke use is extremely bad for your health. Sounds like he's a functioning cocaine addict.

Dating a drug user

He was an alcoholic, and I watched him go from a happy daily drunk to getting a DUI, to getting another DUI, to being suspended from work for showing up drunk, and missing several days due to being too hungover to go in, and pouring money into an uber when he lost his license to make it to work.

It got to be too much, and I'm sad that it took me too long to figure out it wasn't working.

He smokes pot and uses coke near daily throughout the week, and trips on various things pretty often as well.

He's really just ok to take whatever when offered, and since he's really involved in drug culture, and has a lot of friends who are, things are offered really frequently.

There's nothing wrong with moderate use of drugs, but using them everyday like that is not a healthy lifestyle.

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