Dating a gemini male Sex albanija

You were attracted to the ever charming Gemini man and had a gala time laughing at his jokes at every social function.

More the conversations you had with him, more attractive he must have seemed to you. He too was attracted to you and like a true Gemini, he made it known to you as soon as he himself realized! But, you soon realized that dating a Gemini man is not an easy task.

You need to be practical and capable of taking care of yourself in order to win and retain his love and respect.

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Once he’s shared his greatest exploits, he’ll open up about his fears and unresolved emotional hang-ups.

This is where mindfulness and emotional flexibility come into play. Even as he’s trying to impress you, he’s also watching your every move. Say the wrong thing at the time and he’ll drop you like a hot spud.

These individuals have very peculiar characteristics and hence, are easy to identify.

See that impatient man, who is quite good looking, at the center of the party, who is able to talk on a variety of subjects, is witty, etc.; and he is the Gemini man.

A Gemini man enjoys information of any kind and he might even enjoy gossiping with you.