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No guesses, no games.”Truthfully, Neda may have the better end of the deal. Phone relationships suit him well, since Gemini rules the voice and communication.Before he’s gonna reach out and touch someone, or let his fingers do the walking, he needs to know he can talk to you for hours without getting bored.He’d rather just put on his favorite sweater and go to the multiplex for the latest action movie, or burrow into a book while you entertain yourself. But it’s better than being with a needy, attention-hungry Daddy’s girl who distracts him from his dreaming and downloading.

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“Back in college, I knew I was in trouble,” says Gemini Bryan, “when I realized I’d rather talk to my wife-to-be than my girlfriend on the phone.” When he noticed he was putting his hometown honey on hold, he decided to mute the relationship and put his new friend on speed dial. The older he gets, the more the Gemini man needs space—especially once he’s married. Every day after work, he retreats to the bedroom where, Amanda says, “He watches crime shows, reads at least eight books, and drinks a six-pack of Diet Coke.

He then eats an entire package of ham, which he wraps around hot dogs and shares with the dog.” Another Gemini man built his personal playroom in the attic, where he surfs the Internet, watches TV shows and downloads video games.

The idea of “forever,” if it doesn’t freak him out, is laughable to Gemini.

The only fairy tales he believes in are the ones he writes himself.

The Gemini man absorbs so much information that he gets easily overwhelmed.