Cameraboys - Dating a testicular cancer survivor

I wonder what would have happened if he had never gotten cancer?

It is not unusual a women may be the first to find testicular cancer in their partner.

This mistake became a kind of focal point for his rage and feelings of having been unmanned.

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Just for a minute, I want you to imagine two beautiful young men, identical in youth and verve, struggling through their last courses at University and just a few months from starting their careers. Kyle spent his summer getting radiation treatments.

The doctors asked Kyle if he wanted a prosthetic replacement for the removed testicle, but they accidentally matched it to the cancer-ridden one, so he was quite lopsided.

Men seem to have an innate desire to avoid doctors at all costs.

Many times we figure that whatever is bothering us will eventually go away.

Her story provides some interesting insight into testicular cancer. I can’t remember which one of us first found the lump.