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If I'm interested in a person, their amputation is not a problem for me.

Most single people dating want to know beforehand who they’re dating. You’ll already be able to skip past the embarrassment of explaining that you’re in a wheelchair, or walking around with prostheses, because you can already mention these characteristics in your online dating profile at amputee singles.

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I used to rollerblade when I was younger and still do, better than most non amputees ever could.

Oh and never get into an ass kicking contest with an amputeecause most have more than two legs.

So, how do you explain to someone over the telephone that you are disabled? It seems like so many factors can take you out of the running, before you even reach the point of mentioning that you’re disabled.

Or worse, do you leave it to the last minute, hoping that a potential suitor may look past your disability to see who you truly are? No one would even bother, except that people get lonely and want companionship, or to have fun, or even build a life with someone. This is why an amputee singles dating website is perfect for you.

I have four total right now including my actual left leg.