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When Chatroulette, the site that paired strangers together for web-cam or text conversations, launched in November 2009 it had 500 visitors per day.

In just four months, that grew to 1.5 million users Tinder-style location software so you can e-chat to people nearby.

Years ago, guys would take turns on the Game Boy or Play Station – now it’s Tinder. Guys will swipe right on women they think are out of their league on the off-chance they might be her type.

When you get a hit, it has that jackpot effect, like a slot machine. OTD (Obsessive Tindering Disorder) is so compulsive that Chris, 27, felt some withdrawal symptoms from not using the app even when he started dating the woman he’d been pursuing for months.

“The most frustrating thing about Tinder is finding people who actually want to go on a date.