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Still, the amount of sex we were having convinced me that everything was fine.

When I realized that he’d already established a full-blown intimate relationship with another woman and was planning to dump me, I could not get over how eagerly he had enjoyed my body those last couple of months.

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Many times, a narcissistic woman or man will dump you because they have found a new lover to take your place, as, in common with psychopaths, they have a constant need for new excitements, along with a unsatiable urge to satisfy new desires as quickly as can be accomplished.

Narcissists are also polished pathological liars who will weave a web of fantasy for you to believe in to cover up their deceits until they are ready to drop you in the compost heap.

Social and clinical psychologists who study these phenomena note important distinctions between people who commit hate crimes and those who may experience a newfound suspicion of Arab Americans and act on it in lesser ways.

But it's also important, Staub and others believe, to view bias reactions on a continuum and in a cultural and political context.

Towards the end of my relationship with a narcissistic man with ASPD, I had the strangest feeling of not knowing what was going on in bed with him.