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Forget chat up lines if you are looking for love at a speed-dating event, for the big groups are all about looks and not personality, claim scientists.Boffins have found that the bigger the group of potential mates to choose from the more likely individuals are to make a decision based on looks and sex appeal alone because their mind blanks at the choice and they revert to basic instincts that"s what scientists believe.

From the shocking (for 1992) first scene, to the (also shocking) leg cross, to the sexy coked-up club scene (complete with a little girl-on-girl action in the bathroom, apparently a popular trend in lesbian films), every segment in the movie has a life of its own.

The sequences are even put together beautifully, evoking a carefully composed puzzle; the sense of intrigue and mystery remain just as important as the heat.

The study has been published in the journal Animal Behaviour.

So why do humans seem to differ from other animals?

Politics aside, it’s difficult to dislike a film that looks this good.