Dating busy man

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He's admitted that he had a huge crush on me when we were younger, and was giddy when we finally met up. " It would be a shame to exit the relationship prematurely if the chances are good that schedules will be a bit more flexible in the future. They can't spend everyday together bc each person has their own life.

I think one of the most prominent things he sai was "You like me. It sounds like you all have managed to squeeze in a lot of great experiences and introductions to the "important people" in each of your lives, even if you have only been seeing one another for a month. If you are feeling great about his company and that there could be the possibility for a deeper commitment in the future, I would personally row with the flow for now and see how things transpire with schedules in the future. My SO is a musician and through him I am very familiar with the local music scene and know many musicians. I say, let it ride, and don't be "free" when he can "pencil" you in. Sure, he is busy, but if he wants a relationship, let him make time for you. Let him know you really like him, but you need something more meaningful than "Starbuck's on Saturday". Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over $68,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum.

That’s when a friends-with-benefits situation can work and everyone can experiment with relationships as they grow up.

But you aren’t in school anymore and grown, masculine, mature men want feminine women.

How do I pretend I’m not mad at him when I feel so angry inside?