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But being around supportive people really does make it easier. I went in with the attitude of take me as I am, or watch me as I go, and luckily he was supportive and willing to go through it all with me.hello there I myself am single now I have been divorced twice so far but when hit with this terrible diease the first time in my life I knew very little I was married for 25 years and he could not handle it the second husband knew about it but he really did not understand only that life was going to change a bit.

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Dating is a journey all in itself, and with PSA, well there’s an added “bonus”.

Being young, not a lot of people expect us to be sick, and it can be hard to broach the subject.

I have learned through it all be honest and up front from the start no holds bar this is what I have this is what it does I thought to myself is there anyone out there that will except me for me with this terrible diease !

I have come to realize there is someone out there I met a very nice man and I told him all of it and I know for a fact he truly understands and excepts me for me .

There are some hot topics surrounding the sport of mixed martial arts nowadays: Is neo-footwork a revolutionary trend or a quick fad?