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" Here are eight fun facts you need to know about the talented photographer/director. Although they were both “awkward and timid in the beginning,” they became friends soon after.

Then, when it came time to work on the visuals for her new album, Selena knew she wanted to work with Petra again. ’ As soon as I landed, I sent you ‘Bad Liar’ and ‘Fetish’ and you responded to ‘Fetish’ the most,” Selena said.

Kind of like going to an expensive restaurant where food is an art form, only you get very little of it, and it doesn't taste very nice.

However, to be balanced, the cinematography was not bad, and the story is likely what would happen if you throw a bunch of abercrombie & fitch models in a room to discuss philosophy.

This process, known as pollen analysis, involves examining the types of trees that once grew here.