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Don’t be an amateur psychic by trying to guess a woman’s personality before even talking to her.

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Thinking he might break the pattern – and, frankly, curious – he signed up for last November's Read Dating event.

"I couldn't wait to see when Hercule Poirot met his Miss Marple or when Cathy met her Heathcliffe. But I was kind of caught up in my own conversations," says Mr.

The two previous events (one for heterosexual 19- to 35-year-olds and one for gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/queer bookworms) were wildly popular, so librarians have planned two more events bracketing Valentine's Day (doing it right on the 14th seemed like too much pressure): one for singles aged 35 to 55 and one for the 55 and older set.

The Greater Victoria Public Library is getting in on the action too, with Literary Speed Dating events Feb. "It's like a first baby step into the dating world," says VPL information assistant Sheila Maier, who proposed the idea for Vancouver after reading about a similar event in San Francisco. They feel comfortable in the library." Consider Elly Stornebrink, 52.

Kwong, whose own pseudonym, Tony Blake, came from Jackie Collins's .