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Put it this way: if he’s with you, he’s attracted to you. What’s going to KEEP him attracted to you is your confident, positive, queen-like attitude – where you can be yourself at all times and realize that if this guy doesn’t appreciate you as you are, it’s HIS loss, not yours. Break up with this negative self-talk and you’ll be just fine.

The pair were spotted enjoying a candlelit dinner together at Gemma in New York City on Wednesday, January 24, where the artist was seen laughing as the Bleachers frontman read off the menu.

What would you advise in this situation Once upon a time, there was a very confident dating coach.

He had gone out with hundreds of women, hooked up a decent amount, and never had any doubts about getting a second date (Of course, he was wrong about 20% of the time, but that’s neither here nor there.)Then, one day, the dating coach met a SEX coach. Not that he was previously insecure with his performance in bed, but, really, a SEX coach?

It was that CONFIDENCE – not intelligence, money, or looks – that served me well for 10 years and 300 dates.