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It might be any of the following (and there may have been others not shown): AAA - Anniston Army Depot AA - Augusta Arsenal OG - Ogden Arsenal MR - Mt.

Rainier Ordnance Depot RA - Raritan Arsenal RR - Red River Arsenal RIA - Rock Island Arsenal SAA - San Antonio Arsenal SA - Springfield Armory BA - Benecia Arsenal Anyway, hope some of this is of help to someone out there.

These rules will not allow you to identify every single frame you en- counter, but the will suffice for 99 percent of them." BTW, when M1911A1 pistols were rebuilt a military facility they were rebuilt without any regard to the maker of the frame, slide or other parts..'n match, first in - last out, whatever was expedient to get the pistol in and out was the rule of thumb.

Any such rebuilds will normally be stamped with a code indicating the facility that did the work.

------- OH and congratulations, hope you enjoy your .45!