Dating rituals in greece

The place had a mystical aura that took me back in time to ancient Greece." This trip was a fantastic experience, the itinerary was perfect, the ancient sites were fascinating and the local guides were exceptional.

I mean when you're talking about 2500 years ago in history..walking where some of our ancient predecessors had walked was special.

The Olympic Stadium and the location where the Olympic flame initiates every 4 years was awesome." It was extremely interesting, funny and educational.

I've never been on this type of tour before, and I was a little concerned over the experience we would have and the other people on the tour but the "no grumps" policy gave me hope. What a great bunch of people, amazing places, and the David was outstanding as a guide. I think the outstanding wow was seeing the frescoes inside the tiny churches in Kastania. "Looking at artifacts that were thousands of years old. I chose these three because there was so much history to be learned from these places and I love learning about history especially when I previously didn't know it; like how the Parthenon was transformed into a church I think dedicated to the Virgin Mary or how there was a female Olympics a month after the main event." Although we have traveled in Europe on our own (with the help of Rick Steves books), this was our first group tour and it far exceeded my expectations.

I would jump at the chance to do another Rick Steves' tour! History really came alive for me then, and we were able to experience the frescoes intimately as the inhabitants do. The surprises: how much I enjoyed the company of others on the tour; how much I learned from David and from our local tour guides; how enjoyable it is to leave the driving to someone else; how much good food we were exposed to as a result of all the group meals; how we were able to visit off-the-beaten-path mountain villages.

Loved the Octopus and Red Mullet lunch at the Restaurant in Limeni.