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if my memory serves me correctly, If you have a question you would like an answer to please get in touch and I will put it on this page. R bought a substantial share in NGT (Northern General transport) as part of the deal, Wakefields became part of the BET group, with control passing to NGT subsidiary Tynemouth & District.

09/05/18 County Travel Bit of a long shot but would anyone have a fleet list for County Travel please, if so could I possibly have a copy. Henceforth, new vehicles would be numbered as part of the T&D fleet but with a W prefix, and all vehicles would be in T&D livery I have no idea what Wakefields livery was Wakefields had several joint operations with T&D, and initially the idea was to transfer all service operations to T&D, but retain the Wakefields name for Excursions and Private Hire work, however, the fly in the ointment was on some routes a third party was involved, and Wakefields licences on those routes would have to be surrendered and re-applied for, so the name was retained.

Googling reveals that this bus started life in 1936 with Westcliff on Sea Motor Services registration JN 7500. Bus lists on the web does not do pre war,but the entry for this vehicle will have come from his lists of new bodies.

They had it rebodied in 1950 as a coach, having had an Eastern Counties B36R body. Often previous identities will be annotated where this is known, but in this case he has probably not seen any records.

In 1950, still with Westcliff, it was rebodied with Thurgood C35F body no. Westcliff sold this (now) coach to Hillside Coaches, Markyate in 1954 who re-registered it LRO 981 with the fleet number 18.