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Anna Rhodes and other archaeologists have recently uncovered a cache Revolutionary War artifacts.

A metal luggage tag for a British officer in the Royal Edinburg Volunteers, who was part of the force defending Gloucester Point during the Siege of Yorktown in 1781.

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We've been digging here a long time," Brumfield said, describing the sounds of construction that have been ringing in the archaeologists' ears for months."Then we found this — and it turned out to be very exciting.

We were giddy when we saw the inscription."Link to the past Commissioned as part of an $11 million construction project, the excavation began in March 2016 with a preliminary survey of the 2-acre-plus site using ground-penetrating radar.

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Then there was the discovery of more than 640 features ranging from postholes, trash pits and boundary ditches to the artifact-filled cellars of post-in-ground structures."The sheer volume of features we uncovered was much greater than anticipated," Brown said."There's a lot of stuff."Mapped in 1608, Gloucester Point became the site of a pioneering tobacco warehouse in 1633 and was fortified against Dutch raiders in the late 1600s.