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The terms are now terms of endearment and recognition that big women are beautiful. Yes, fat women don’t have to love what they get, they can get what they love. Someone there is out there, who drools at the thought of those curves and extra pounds. This is where big women and their admirers converge, in a comfortable environment.

Both the acronym and its longer version are attributed to a magazine dedicated to plus size women.

Apply the law to your decision-making as it suits your current needs. The first problem is people who never feel a “Fuck Yes” for anybody they meet.

Let me ask again: Why would you ever be excited to be with someone who is not excited to be with you?

If they’re not happy with you now, what makes you think they’ll be happy to be with you later?

The second problem is people who never meet others who feel a “Fuck Yes” for them.

If all of the people you pursue give you a mild responses, or outright rejections, then it’s time to focus on improving yourself.

The term BBW is an acronym for Big Beautiful Woman.