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If you are dating someone who has any number of issues – a touch of jealousy, a hint of insecurity, or a habit of getting defensive – you and those close to you will typically blow it off. If someone close to you points out something worrisome in your date – and you trust the person who reports it, it’s fair to say that your date probably has some emotional issues that could seriously get in the way of having a good relationship.

If the intensity of your date’s negative feelings are too strong It’s perfectly normal to show a little anger or frustration here or there when you’re dating someone.

If they catch you off guard by trying to make future plans, say, “Let me think about it and get back to you.” If they go in for a real kiss when you know you’re not going to see them again, say, “Can we just do a kiss on the cheek?

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If you or someone you love suffers from an anger management problem, there are effective treatment solutions that can help to manage the issue.

If you’re lying in bad and trying to fall asleep but keep replaying something upsetting about your date, it’s a sign that your date is triggering real anxiety in you and that this person may have emotional issues that are interfering with your ability to relax and feel good about the future of the relationship.

Final Thoughts You’ll hit the dating bullseye – finding someone positive and lasting – if you remember to be on the lookout for serious emotional problems as you meet new people across the dating world.

Each person is more or less familiar with this emotion and has to develop some mechanism for dealing with it around others.