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NEEWER's patented software, automatically recognize ADSL/DHCP and WAN/LAN without any preset. Compatible with IEEE.802b/g/n standards and data spread rate up to 150Mbps.Features: 1.3G: Support HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA , CDMA EVDO Rev A/B USB modem 2.

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Short-shipments, DOA and Deviations products must be reported within 5days from delivered date.

Buyer is responsible for all return shipping charges.

Compatible with HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA , CDMA EVDO Rev A/B USB dongle 5. Gateway: TCP/IP/UDP/DHCP Server/NAT/MAPT/UPn P/Static Routing/MAC/URL/IP filter/VPN Pass through 11. If list is not other model, behalf of we did not test, but it maybe compatible, advised when buy for test to confirm. All major credit cards are accepted through secure payment processor Pay Pal. Payment must be received within 7 business days of auction closing.

Complies with IEEE802.11b/g/n standards and data rate up to 150Mbps 6. Support the mainstream USB Modem more than 500 kinds. Part USB Modem (especially small vendor's usb modem) is not compatible with M1 routers use, suggest that choose the compatible list as far as possible famous manufacturers such as huawei, zte use usb modem. Network Type Brand Model 1 HSPA HUAWEI E303、E303S 2 HSPA HUAWEI E353 3 HSPA HUAWEI E1820 4 HSPA HUAWEI E182E 5 HSPA HUAWEI E122 6 HSPA HUAWEI E153 7 HSDPA HUAWEI E1552 8 HSDPA HUAWEI E156G 9 HSPA HUAWEI E160 10 HSPA HUAWEI E160G 11 HSPA HUAWEI E166 12 HSPA HUAWEI E1612 13 HSDPA HUAWEI E1630 14 HSPA HUAWEI E169 15 HSPA HUAWEI E170 16 HSPA HUAWEI E172 17 HSPA HUAWEI E173 18 HSPA HUAWEI E1750 19 HSPA HUAWEI E1752 20 HSPA HUAWEI E1752C 21 HSPA HUAWEI E1756C 22 HSPA HUAWEI E176 23 HSPA HUAWEI E176G 24 HSPA HUAWEI E1762 25 HSPA HUAWEI 2910 26 HSPA HUAWEI E1780 27 HSPA HUAWEI E1782 28 HSPA HUAWEI E180 29 HSPA HUAWEI E73 30 HSDPA HUAWEI E220 31 HSDPA HUAWEI E226 32 HSDPA HUAWEI E261 33 HSDPA HUAWEI E270 34 HSDPA HUAWEI UMG1831 35 HSDPA HUAWEI UMG1691 36 HSPA HUAWEI E510 37 HSPA HUAWEI MD 38 EVDO HUAWEI EC122 39 EVDO HUAWEI EC156 40 EVDO HUAWEI EC167 41 EVDO HUAWEI EC169 42 EVDO HUAWEI EC176 43 EVDO HUAWEI EC177 44 EVDO HUAWEI EC189 45 EVDO HUAWEI EC226 46 EVDO HUAWEI EC1260 47 EVDO HUAWEI EC1261 48 EVDO HUAWEI EC1270 49 EVDO HUAWEI EC306 50 EVDO HUAWEI EC306-2 51 EVDO HUAWEI E1692 52 TD-SCDMA HUAWEI ET127 53 TD-SCDMA HUAWEI ET128-2 54 TD-SCDMA HUAWEI ET302s 55 TD-SCDMA ZTE ET306 56 HSPA ZTE MF100 57 HSPA ZTE MF680 58 HSPA ZTE MF669 59 HSPA ZTE MF100 60 HSPA ZTE MF110 61 HSPA ZTE MF120 62 HSUPA ZTE MF112 63 HSDPA ZTE MF180 64 HSDPA ZTE MF180 65 HSDPA ZTE MF180s 66 HSDPA ZTE MF190 67 HSDPA ZTE MF190B 68 HSDPA ZTE MF190J 69 HSDPA ZTE MF190s 70 HSDPA ZTE MF192 71 HSDPA ZTE MF193 72 HSDPA ZTE MF196 73 HSPA ZTE MF622 74 HSDPA ZTE MF626 75 HSDPA ZTE MF627 76 HSDPA ZTE MF633 77 HSDPA ZTE MF633BP 78 HSDPA ZTE MF631 79 HSDPA ZTE MF633R 80 HSDPA ZTE MF636 81 HSPA ZTE MF637U 82 HSPA ZTE MF628 83 HSPA ZTE MF665J 84 HSPA ZTE MF656A 85 HSPA ZTE MF668A 86 HSPA ZTE MF668 87 HSPA ZTE MF820D 88 HSPA ZTE M801 89 EVDO ZTE AC2726 90 EVDO ZTE AC2736 91 EVDO ZTE AC2746 92 EVDO ZTE AC2766 93 EVDO ZTE AC2787 94 EVDO ZTE AC560 95 EVDO ZTE AC560 96 EVDO ZTE AC580 97 EVDO ZTE AC581 98 EVDO ZTE AC582 99 EVDO ZTE AC583 100 EVDO ZTE AC590 101 EVDO ZTE AC591 102 EVDO ZTE AC682 103 EVDO ZTE AC8710 104 TD-SCDMA ZTE MU350 105 TD-SCDMA ZTE MU351 106 TD-SCDMA ZTE A371 107 TD-SCDMA ZTE A371B 108 HSPA VODAFONE K3760 109 HSDPA VODAFONE K3520 110 HSPA VODAFONE K3760 111 HSPA VODAFONE K3765 112 HSDPA VODAFONE K3565 113 HSPA VODAFONE K3565-Z 114 HSPA VODAFONE K3715 115 HSPA VODAFONE E272 116 HSPA VODAFONE K3765-Z 117 HSDPA VODAFONE K3570-Z 118 HSDPA VODAFONE K3571-Z 119 HSDPA VODAFONE CE1588 120 HSPA OPTION GIO225 121 HSPA OPTION GI0335 122 HSPA OPTION GI0401 123 HSPA OPTION GI0431 124 HSPA OPTION GI0451 125 HSPA OPTION GI0461 126 HSPA OPTION U12 127 HSPA OPTION icon210 128 HSPA OPTION GI0322(orange) 129 HSPA OPTION GI0225(orange) 130 HSPA NOVATEL MC990D 131 HSPA NOVATEL MC930D 132 HSPA NOVATEL MC950D 133 HSPA NOVATEL U950D (BELL) 134 HSPA NOVATEL MC996D 135 HSDPA Brand Luxe C100S 136 HSPA Brand Luxe c270 137 HSPA Brand Luxe c170 138 HSPA Brand Luxe c180 139 HSPA Brand Luxe c120 140 HSPA Brand Luxe c321 141 EVDO D-Link DWM-162-U5 142 EVDO D-Link DWM-162-U5 143 HSPA D-Link DWM-652 144 HSPA D-Link DWM156 145 EVDO Lenovo CE210 146 EVDO Lenovo W100 147 HSPA Nokia CS-18 148 HSPA Nokia CS-15 149 HSPA Sony Ericss MD400(ROGERS) 150 HSPA Sony Ericss MD300 151 HSPA Sierra Wireless AC885 152 HSPA Sierra Wireless AC305 153 EVDO Sierra Wireless AC301 154 HSPA Sierra Wireless AC888 155 TD-SCDMA Alcatel-Lucent TD368 156 TD-SCDMA Alcatel-Lucent ASBT920 157 EVDO Alcatel-Lucent S6151U 158 HSPA Alcatel-Lucent W720 159 HSPA Alcatel One Touch X200 160 HSPA Alcatel One Touch X060S 161 HSPA Aircard-China V721 162 HSPA Aircard-China 951 163 HSPA Aircard-China 932 164 HSPA Aircard-China 2417C-U302 165 TD-SCDMA Aircard-China 901 166 TD-SCDMA Aircard-China DTM5731 167 TD-SCDMA Aircard-China 800h 168 TD-SCDMA Samsung SGH-H128 169 HSPA Longcheer WM71 170 HSDPA Linktop lw273 171 HSPA PROLINK PSH101 172 HSPA Micromax MMX300G 173 HSDPA Sentarmodem ILD72A 174 EVDO Teng Da 189E 175 HSPA SPEED S85 176 HSPA SPEED S84 177 EVDO Pantech PX-500(UIM) 178 CDMA Pantech UMW190 179 TD-SCDMA Konka v903 180 EVDO Coolpad CT180 181 TD-SCDMA HOJYWIRELESS STERICSSON 182 HSPA Axesstel MV-140A 183 HSDPA Vtion U1916 184 HSPA IFOX 820 185 HSPA SMARTBRO 186 HSPA Jadpad TJP-W100 187 HSPA TWM Q101 188 EVDO Axesstel MV-140B(UIM) 189 EVDO TXT EV-88 190 EVDO HXI HXI 191 HSPA Movistar X220d 192 HSPA Movistar N7NC888 193 EVDO Sprint U720 194 HSPA AT&T N7NC885 195 EVDO Franklin CDU-680(UIM) Package include 1 x Manual 1 x Mini 3G Wi Fi Router 1 x USB Cable 1.

A refund may be issued if replacement is not available.(Original shipping fee is non-refundable) Specification: 1.

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