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But maybe don't throw them in the faces of unsuspecting souls without even introducing yourself.

Honesty is key, but if anything, express your desires from the start or later on at a more appropriate point in the conversation, not in the middle of an existing conversation.

Philippe Grandjean, an adjunct professor at Harvard University School of Public Health, has authored a couple of studies questioning the need for the added fluoride.“Our dental health is clearly much less dependent on fluoride in drinking water than way back when this important public health intervention was initiated,” Grandjean said.

You have one secret weapon left as we teeter on the verge of an online dating wasteland.(Basically, an excuse to make yourself look interesting.) A lot of the time, people think simply liking a moment that someone posts constitutes as a conversation.

Unfortunately, I found this spontaneous profession of love to be a tiny bit disingenuous, so I had to take a pass on that one.

Weno and Levy said those studies were performed in places where natural fluoride levels are higher and where residents may get fluoride through milk or salt rather than water.

Excessive fluoride intake does have health implications -- a problem commonly found in places with high concentrations of natural fluoride such as China, India and Africa.

However, if you just copy and paste the same message to every single person, you're bound to run into some trouble...

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