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ASt A is the German abbreviation for “Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss”, which means “General Students Committee” – it represents the interests of the students towards the administration of the university and the public.

Since we want to represent you and give the students a voice, we encourage you to get in touch with us with whatever question, criticism,etc.

Wherever a portfolio size surpasses the liquidity of future markets, such warning signals are also used instead of hedges, because hedges can only be applied up to the size of 8-10 digits USD sized positions (depending on the asset) which the instant market liquidity allows.

We advise how best to organise your operational procedures in all matters relating to the IMDS.

We help you to fulfill all requirements as productive and efficient as possible, and save time and money.

Read More For the Compliance Data Exchange (CDX) system - the sister system of IMDS open for all industries - we offer the Supplier Onboarding Service.

At the beginning of the Ocarina of Time, Link unsuccessfully tried to save the Great Deku Tree from the evil curse placed by Ganondorf.