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On Tuesday, the Cavs plan to show a tribute video for Irving at some point during the game as a "thank you" for his six years with the team, a source told ESPN. James had nothing bad to say about Irving, other than using a choice noun when referring to the four-time All-Star."At the end of the day, the kid did what he wanted to do," James said. Like I said, you know, the three years that we had together, unbelievable three years, and, you know, I wish we could have continued that, but it didn't work itself out.So, now my energy is to the guys that's, you know, in The Land."Nichols then challenged the 32-year-old James on his "kid" label for the 25-year-old Irving."Oh, the kid? Le Bron James says that Kyrie Irving will be "fine" when he is received as a visiting player in Cleveland for the first time Tuesday when the Cavaliers host the Boston Celtics, and does not draw any parallel to when he returned to Cleveland for the first time as a member of the Miami Heat."Everybody's good.

She would have done anything for Wade "legal or not," she wrote, adding that when they were poor Chicago-area teens in south suburban Robbins, she once stole a pair of basketball sneakers for him by putting "on men's basketball shoes over the top of my own shoes and walking out of the store with them on."Once they hit it rich, the stylish Wade would spend as much as $100,000 a month on custom clothes, she wrote.

But when their marriage turned sour, she alleged in the book, he'd tell her "I want to sow my wild oats" and "This isn't your money and if you leave, nobody is going to want you and you aren't going to have anything without me.

You will end up having to go back and live at your mama's house!

" With thickets of weeds growing above head height, a peeling pool deck and piles of abandoned TVs and trash thrown in an empty lot next door, the empty six-bedroom mansion looks more like the crumbling Xanadu at the start of "Citizen Kane" than the home of an NBA All-Star. Funches-Wade writes that she later found pictures and instant messages from other women on Wade's phone.

"KD [Kevin Durant] last year in Oklahoma City, Paul George going to go back to Indiana, you know, D-Wade's going to go to Chicago, Kyrie's coming back to Cleveland.