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The Beast Players' Guide has a thread on it on the Onyx Path forums dating back to March 16th 2016.

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Also especially interested in Living Greyhawk materials I do not have.—————-/Necromancer → Has a pretty complete collection of Necromancer/FGG d20 materials with defunct web-enhancements. Also has a PF and SW section (the SW one was just recently updated, again feel free to send fills.) Also some nifty user created maps which I hope to add more to in FGG and Greyhawk troves./Necromancer Drop → Drop folder for donations to FGG/Necromancer trove Do not upload to either if it needs cleaning, please send to a cleaner first If you DO need cleaning and don't want to send to cleaner yourself -note they have dropfolders as well- Please at least name it as needing clean so I don't miss a watermark when eyeballing them.

But yeah, use a cleaner - my dropboxes are more for those that find stuff posted elsewhere I do not have in either trove.364406Updated /Necromancer in Pathfinder directory, added "Northlands Series 1-6" care of B4UTRUST - thanks!

I know it is an obscure system but here goes nothing: Sabre RPG Codex Premium Edition Sabre RPG Bestiary Sabre RPG Introductory Module 1The Feydwiir Atlas Huge Map of Feydwiir Thanks in advance!

Mercenary Breed Xenopedia (SW)/file/4d2sye Bestiarum Vocabulum (SW)/file/rsz2og Op4s - The [RTS] Game Engine beta v3/file/9vwqov Rogue Planet - Core Rulebook/file/idl5qb Rogue Planet - Derelict Planet Edition/file/gb8816Rogue Planet - Planet Specific Variant/file/sf1up4Rogue Planet - Quick Reference Sheets/file/lk8d3w Arcanis - Bestiary Vol 2/file/i2h5jv Kingdom Death - Monster Core Game/file/4ui2s9SS363902There's also Foxit, which is a free download for your tablet. Calibre does a fantastic job of converting, but you may lose some pages.

I've been a big fan of the Aeon continuity from the beginning, and I have hardcopies of all of the original books.