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The information pointed out in your personal account on a dating website is what normally makes your potential partner decide whether it is worth contacting your or not.The price of any mistake here is very high and may cost you a bad dating experience.

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Whether you have fun with it or feel totally oppressed by it is up to you — and it's worth pointing out that if you do feel stifled by dating online, it's probably not for you, and it's likely best for you to try other tactics — but if you want to learn some new ways to make it more effective, I spoke with dating and relationship experts to find out just what you should and should not try out ASAP.

First off, before I share their tactics, a quick reminder: Online dating, just like pretty much everything else in life, is directly successful in relation to how you look at it, so keeping a positive attitude is key throughout.

If they haven't asked you out or didn't respond to your suggestion to meet, it’s probably not going to happen, and if it does, there’s no sense of urgency on their part.

In fact, they may just be killing time by meeting people online, just in case they ever feel the urge to actually take go out with them. Online dating can become overwhelming, quickly, because there appear to be so many opportunities.

If you refuse to go outside your usual box, you have way less of a chance to meet someone really right for you, because most people usually choose the same type of person over and over, instead of letting something new (with the potential to be great) in."I always tell the members of my dating app ...