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In addition to the singles matching service, e Harmony publishes e Harmony Advice, a growing relationship advice site.* Staying true to its mission of helping people find love through better matching, e Harmony remains committed to understanding what makes relationships successful by conducting ongoing, rigorous scientific research to keep the matching model up-to-date and relevant for local and international markets.

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That high subscriber-acquisition cost leaves the door open for free sites such as OKCupid to undercut the market. Yagan refers to his site as an "online bar" where visitors can enter freely, socialize with friends, and size up their potential mates by answering questions and completing personality quizzes developed by the company alone or in conjunction with marketers. Chap Stick, for example, hosted a popular "Kissing Test" that informed test-takers about how their kissing styles fared with those of others on the site. Frind said just over 50% of his ad sales come from marketers he negotiates with directly and the rest come from Google Ad Sense.

He said that works for him, because Match subscribers then talk up his free site.

According to online-dating-industry consultant Dave Evans, the average online dater pays $100 and stays with a site for four months, contributing to a $1 billion industry.

Match had 1.3 million paying subscribers as of its fourth-quarter report (e Harmony is privately held and declined to share its information).

The company provided studies to back up its claim but the advertising watchdog was not convinced, saying the research didn't go far enough.