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Of the coming attractions for 2018, there is (predictably) a wide variety of superhero offerings and tentpole hopefuls (though a generous number of them do happen to be helmed by some of our favorite filmmakers, springing from truly indie roots), along with the return of some unexpected sequels, directors who have been out of the game too long, brand new talents making their first play for glory, and somehow only one Steve Mc Queen film about a criminal band of widows (too much to ask for two? We’ll have plenty more information on those films as announced.

Of note, this list only includes films that already have set 2018 release dates (or are anticipated and expected to open during the year), so it does not include plenty of stellar projects poised to make their debut at festivals or are otherwise in need of distribution.

Charlize Theron in “Atomic Blonde,” Angelina Jolie in “Salt,” and Scarlett Johansson in “Lucy” are anomalies when they should be the standard, but Hollywood is slowly coming around to this fact.

Case in point: “Proud Mary.” Never in a million years would the old Hollywood guard let the amazing Taraji P.

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