Form java script using validating

But you still have to cater for (or choose to exclude) non-compatible browsers. I have looked all over the web to find a great script already made to download- but your tutorial is very close to what is have been looking for- Thanks for taking the time to explain- I see that you are using it also for your comment/feedback box..

On the page "Java Script: Form Validation using Ajax", section 5 ("Putting it all together"), the last paragraph states that "The other two files (represented in the graphic in green) can be downloaded or copied from this site and included from your files as indicated.". The rollover top navigation is nice too- Never saw anything like that before- almost like flash- well i am going to try to replicate your code- add more fields to it- I am more interested in date validation-if i have a problem- i will come back here !!

See the article Web Services using XMLHttp Request (Ajax) for details on all avaiable commands and their parameters.

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I have searched the site but can't find a link to a download page. I have been working on a webmail form that uses php.

there are radio buttons and check buttons on the site as well as fields that must be completed.

In this case it'ss a PHP file, but another server-side scripting language would work just as well.

The validation script returns XML data which is then processed and applied to the form to provide feedback to the user.

Could you give me a tip on how to check whether radio buttons and checkboxes are clicked? First is it always seems to be keyed to activity in one field at a time.