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None of these hens will ever get to see any of her babies.

Every single one of the 90 billion eggs produced annually in the US originates from a hen who has been denied the freedom to raise her young.

Severed from the intricate social structures that governed their free-living communities, and confined, without the possibility of escape, to a human world where they have no place in the present, no link to the past, and no possibility of a free future, farmed hens have no say in the most important aspects of their lives.

The hen may not know that her suffering body, her unfreedom, her isolation, and every misery in her life is inflicted intentionally, systematically, and solely for the sensory gratification of humans, but you do.

She may not know that the fertilized egg that brought her into existence was the result of confinement and rape, or that hens like her are the product of mass infanticide, but you do.

At the young age of 1.5 to 3 years—a fraction of a chicken's natural lifespan—when a hen's ability to lay one egg nearly every day decreases, she is considered "spent" and she is discarded by the most inexpensive means possible.

If she is part of an urban farm flock, she will likely be "respectfully" decapitated in her own backyard by one of the people she knew and trusted.

She may not know that the cost of killing male infants, "spent" breeding parents and "spent" hens it built into the price of eggs, but you do. Become vegan and educate others about the violence and injustice inherent in all non-vegan choices.

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    Williams, Sarah "'Perhaps Images at One with the World are Already Lost Forever': Vision of Cyborg Anthropology in Post-Cultural Worlds." The Cyborg Handbook.