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You can learn more about this and get some helpful tips from the following article: . The minimum payment is the smallest amount you can pay by the due date to avoid being classified as late.Most cards charge a minimum payment of around 3% of the outstanding balance (but your payment typically cannot be less than – ). You can add your spouse as an authorized user and Capital One (the issuer) will provide them with a card.You don’t need to pay your credit card bill the same day that you make a purchase, for example, but it is a good idea to pay off your full balance by your monthly due date.

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We also have a guide on the topic where you can find more tips and information: . I have had this card for 2 1/2 years, and it is the worst credit card I have ever owned.

Now I only put a few dollars on it when I shop in order to get my 20% or 30% with my purchase.

I would have been totally fine with that if they would have just told me up front!

SECOND, I don't believe the "system went down" crap.

Their APR is a decent rate, but I always pay the full amount each month, so this credit card is Card offers decent opportunities for savings through coupons, but their online chat customer service is one of the WORST!