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They do not answer their phone and they have contrived to force you to use their automated system.

I needed to reschedule and I did not have my confirmation order so the system wouldn't let me reschedule and after numerous phone calls to the different numbers and different locations, I never co…How accurate is a drug test?

The show's website had been inundated with complaints from viewers.

Basic home test kits and the first step in most professional lab tests involve a simple qualitative analysis -- this means the test will determine the presence of a substance above a certain level, but will not determine the exact amount present in the sample.

If a qualitative test indicates the presence of a substance, a professional lab test may then perform quantitative analysis to determine precise levels.

Was stuck twice then lady forgets to put my date of birth on my blood tube !

She claimed to have been doing this for 17 years yikes will not go back there!

It is an embarrassing outcome for ITV executives who hired Twiggy despite her lack of live television experience.