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And an i Phone customer--say, a college student like Woock's son, who's grown accustomed to getting everything for free--could use his Textfree phone number as an extra one that doesn't cost anything to use.

Textfree's model is not earthshaking, in that similar services are also offered through the likes of Skype mobile or ? Carrier consequences AT&T declined to comment for this story.

In other words, "She's in," said Pinger CEO and co-founder Greg Woock, whose company makes the Textfree app and who, too, has a 10-year-old daughter.

"If you have a phone number, now you're cool, even if you don't have a phone.

Of the roughly 22 million messages Textfree sends out each day, about 14 million today are sent to paying phone customers. Now the carrier wins not just on texting, but on voice minutes too," he said.