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Twilight and Spike see them off at the train station and they Pinkie Promise to write her as much detail as possible so it'll be like she's there with them, while Rarity reminds Twilight that the two have an appointment after the celebration to discuss royal upgrades to her bedroom loft d├ęcor in the Golden Oak Library.

However, even as the train pulls away, Twilight tells Spike that she still can't help feeling like she's already missing something.

The next morning, both the sun and the moon are in the sky, splitting the sky into half day and half night.

As the only princess available, they can only take orders from her.

Twilight pulls herself together and instructs the two to continue the search and to immediately let her know of anything they find.

It doesn't feel right to any of them that they won't be spending their special day with Twilight in Canterlot, but Mayor Mare was desperate for Twilight's friends to help set up the local celebration for Ponyville.

Applejack states that while the celebration is what brought them all together, she points to the stain glass window depicting the six defeating Nightmare Moon (from The Return of Harmony Part 1) as proof that they will always be united by the Elements of Harmony.

As she walks down the corridor, a black root breaks through the floor and pursues her off-screen.