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To help, Simmons provides exercises to help girls hear their inner voice, be polite but assertive with authority figures and peers, and stay true to themselves.By teaching our girls to be authentic to their own needs and desires, we give them the freedom to create their own futures.many parents dread the middle school years for these reasons and many more.

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They even provide guidance for how adults can use the same techniques in their own social interactions.

For anyone concerned about social drama in elementary school, this is a must-read.

With "Major Heartthrob" Halloween costumes available for 4-year-old girls and baby T-shirts that say "Chick Magnet", popular culture inundates kids with a message about sex and sexuality from a shockingly early age.

And without the sophistication to analyze these messages, kids can get into emotional and social trouble without understanding how they got there. Levin and Jean Kilbourne provide a series of simple, age-appropriate strategies to help parents counter these messages and open conversations about media messages.

This innovative dual guide for moms and daughters by mother Sil Reynolds and daughter Eliza Reynolds provides parenting techniques for the moms, drawn from Sil Reynolds’ clinical experience, while the advice to daughters features age-appropriate suggestions for balancing the need for independence with a positive relationship with mom.